Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Being Cremated Doesn't Prevent You From Having The Following Things Held In Your Memory

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There are several misconceptions about cremation, perhaps because it wasn't as common as a traditional burial in western culture. However, as more people are opting for cremation these days, it's important that you're able to differentiate between myths and facts about this process. Some people may tell you that being cremated prevents you from having certain things done in your memory, which could make it stressful for you to decide on your arrangements when you're doing your funeral preplanning. However, you should know that, in general, cremation doesn't prevent you from the following things.

A Funeral At A Church

Although there are still some religions for which cremation isn't acceptable, many religions today understand that people wish to take this approach because of its many benefits. This means that, generally, you aren't going to have trouble having a funeral at your church if you've decided that cremation is the right choice for you. Although you may wish to meet with officials at your place of worship to explain that you wish to be cremated and to ensure that a full funeral can still take place within the church, you're usually unlikely to encounter any obstacles.

A Funeral At A Funeral Home

It's untrue that funeral homes will only provide you with space for a funeral service if you're being buried. While it's true that many people who use funeral homes opt for burial, many others prefer cremation. In fact, when you sit down with a funeral director to begin the early stages of preplanning your funeral, he or she will ask whether you'd rather be buried or cremated.

A Visitation At A Funeral Home

It's also a myth that you cannot have a visitation unless you're being buried. Traditionally, a visitation was a chance for people to file past your casket, often with it open, and pay their final respects to you, as well as express messages of sympathy to your family in attendance. Funeral homes will still allow a visitation in your memory if you've been cremated. In such a scenario, the urn that holds your cremated remains is typically on display instead of a casket.

A Burial

Caskets with embalmed bodies aren't the only things that can be buried. If you prefer the idea of cremation but still want to be buried in a family plot, there's no problem with your cremains being placed into the earth in an urn or really in any type of container that you want.

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