Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Understanding Cremation Service Fees

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After someone dies, surviving family members have to make difficult decisions. For example, they may have to choose between cremation or burial services.  To learn more about cremation, read on. This is a quick guide to understanding these fees and what you need to know about each one.

Permit and Examiner Fees

A question that often comes up regarding cremation services is the permit and examiner fees section. This deals with the permit required for the cremation. In some areas, a cremation permit is required under certain circumstances. For example, a medical examiner may have been involved due to murder or to a suspicious death. If this is the case, they may find chemicals present or something in the body that needs special cremation procedures. If any of this is the case, you will have this fee section.

Vessel Fees

Vessel fees refer to the urn or other vessel that is used for the cremains. This fee can vary widely depending on the type of urn, the number of urns, and if the urn requires special engraving. If there are special additions to the standard urn, they will be listed as separate lines under the fees. Itemization of the upgrades will also be listed. For example, you may have the purchase of a traditional urn listed. If an engraving plate was ordered along with multiple urns for distribution of the cremains to other family members, those would also be listed on separate lines with their fees. If the fees are subtotaled for that section, ask your funeral director for a detailed fee breakdown.

Memorial and Burial

In some cases, the urn may be buried in a traditional family plot or single plot. This means that you may have a memorial service as well. These fees are common and will be listed on the cremation fees. In some cases, you may find a fee listed as the pastoral fee. This is the fee that is for the services of a minister for the memorial service. If music is used at the service or if you are offering a live stream of the service, those fees can also be placed in this section. 

If there are fees that are still odd to you on the cremation service receipt, contact your funeral home or funeral director. They can explain the fees and help you understand why they are there and what they covered on the cremation. If you have questions prior to the cremation regarding fees, the funeral directors will answer those questions at the consultation.

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