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Three Grief Relieving Ideas To Include In A Loved One's Funeral Memorial Service

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The passing of a relative or a friend usually brings the inability to let go and accept that the deceased is no longer part of this life. In most cases, when a loved one passes on, people tend to cling more to the absence of the deceased instead of appreciating the time they got to spend with them. 

Thus, it is advisable to hold a funeral memorial service so that all the people who knew and loved the deceased person can come together and celebrate the life of their friend or relative. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can use a memorial service to ease the pain of losing a loved one and acquiring some solace in knowing the deceased person lived a life full of joy and love.

Here are three grief alleviating ideas you should consider including in a funeral memorial service.

Displaying Sweet Memories

Sometimes, a loved one may pass away in an unfortunate manner, for instance, a car accident or a terminal illness. If the most predominant memories of the deceased person are those of the accident or suffering from a disease, it can be pretty challenging to ease the grief. Therefore, in order to ease the pain of a tragic death, it is best to focus on the memories that remind you of how the deceased lived their best life instead. The purpose of a funeral memorial is to celebrate a life well-lived by reminding people of how the deceased lived joyously. As such, it is an excellent idea to portray evidence of the deceased person enjoying their life during a memorial service. 

For instance, during the memorial service, you can have large monitors or a projector displaying numerous pictures of the passed loved one during the most enjoyable moments of their life. For example, photos of the person while hanging out with friends, playing with children or grandchildren, dancing with their beloved, etc. These pictures are a great idea to help celebrate a life well lived and minimize the weight of grief.

Humorous Tributes

During a funeral memorial service, most people focus on how they feel after losing a loved one when giving tributes. However, few families include humor in their tributes. For a grieving person, appropriate humor can significantly help to uplift their spirits from the burden of mourning and grieving a loved one.

For example, a few friends can share exciting and humorous stories about the diseased person as a part of their tributes. Everyone has a funny story about them that a friend or a relative can tell to remind the grieving friends and relatives how beautifully the deceased person lived. A small focus on the humorous aspects of the deceased person's life during a memorial service is a great way to lighten up the spirits of those in mourning.

Set the Ambiance With Music

Good music does wonders for the heart, even when mourning. Thus, it is advisable to consider playing soothing music during a memorial service. Typically, most people will play music to match the grieving mood, which results in a gloomy ambiance. However, the sorrowful music doesn't always help lighten up the spirits of the bereaved. Instead, it may deepen the wounds of grief.

An excellent alternative choice of music for a memorial service would be smooth jazz. Jazz music is melodically upbeat but still has a soothing effect on the heart. Hence, jazz music will provide the perfect ambiance to celebrate the life of a loved one who recently passed. For more information, contact a funeral memorial service provider.