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How Cremation Can Help Ease Your Mind When Dealing With An Unexpected Death

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Although death is an inevitable part of life, its unexpected arrival can make a difficult time almost unbearable. Losing a healthy loved one due to an accident, sudden illness, or violence are just three examples of unexpected deaths that can leave family members reeling and barely able to function. While cremation is always a respectful option for addressing any person's final needs, it can be even more appropriate when families are dealing with a sudden and completely unexpected loss of a loved one.

If your family has received news of this type of tragedy and are struggling to make decisions about funeral planning, here are some critical reasons to consider cremation as a way to help ease your minds during this very difficult time. 

Pressing financial issues  

One of the ways in which cremation can ease a family's minds when an unexpected death has occurred is when limited finances must govern the making of final arrangements. The fact is that those who pass before their senior years may not yet have made any financial arrangements to pay for their own funeral expenses. Opting for cremation can be a way to care for the body of the deceased in a dignified, yet much more affordable manner than the typical funeral plan might offer. 

Pressing time issues 

Time is something that many families need more of when an unexpected death occurs. Unlike an expected death, such as that of someone who has been suffering from a terminal illness, an accidental or unexpected death provides no time preplan final arrangements. Instead, the families left behind are first shocked by the news of the unexpected death of their loved one and then required to plan a funeral, arrange time off from work and even make travel arrangements to meet the time restraints involved in a typical funeral and interment. Unlike traditional funerals which take place within a few days of the death, cremation can make it possible for grieving families to slow down, grieve and then make a viable celebration of life plan that will best fit the needs of those left behind. 

Cremation can also be done in the location where the death occurred, which can help families avoid the costs and logistical issues involved in transporting a body. To learn more about cremation and how it could be helpful in dealing with an unexpected death in your family, make sure to discuss it with a caring funeral director or cremation services provider as you seek to make final needs plans for your loved one. 

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