Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Understanding Cremation Service Fees

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After someone dies, surviving family members have to make difficult decisions. For example, they may have to choose between cremation or burial services.  To learn more about cremation, read on. This is a quick guide to understanding these fees and what you need to know about each one. Permit and Examiner Fees A question that often comes up regarding cremation services is the permit and examiner fees section. This deals with the permit required for the cremation. Read More»

Plan a Memorable Graveside Funeral

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If circumstances have led you to plan an intimate funeral for your loved one who has passed away, perhaps you have decided to hold the service at their final resting place. Invite your immediate family and only your closest extended family members and friends to the funeral home services. Besides the date and time of the service, let the attendees know that the service is small, so it is by invitation only. Read More»