Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Plan a Memorable Graveside Funeral

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If circumstances have led you to plan an intimate funeral for your loved one who has passed away, perhaps you have decided to hold the service at their final resting place. Invite your immediate family and only your closest extended family members and friends to the funeral home services.

Besides the date and time of the service, let the attendees know that the service is small, so it is by invitation only. Consider sending an invitation through the postal system, and include an RSVP as part of the message. If you haven't heard from certain individuals about two days before the service, it is very appropriate for you or somebody else to contact them. If you learn that somebody isn't going to be able to attend the service, that will give you enough time to invite another person. 

The Graveside Funeral Service  

Since there won't be many in attendance, it will be nice to give everybody present the opportunity to share words about the deceased person. One idea is to give each person an individual long stemmed flower. As that person is going to speak, they could place the flower on the grave. Remember that those who attend are coming to honor your loved one, to pay their respects, and to grieve together. Consider singing uplifting songs of faith that carry a message of hope. Even if there is no piano, those present could all sing a cappella style. In fact, that will probably provide a feeling of closeness to those present. Choose someone to give the eulogy. Besides factual information like the place of birth and the deceased person's birthday, it would be good if the speaker also talks about things like hobbies or other pastimes that the deceased person enjoyed. Awards and other recognition the deceased received over the years could also be addressed.

If the ecclesiastical leader of your church is present to do the graveside funeral, ask them to share faith promoting scriptures. They could also share their beliefs of what life in the eternities might be like. If the deceased person was a Christian, it would be very appropriate to talk about Christ's teachings about everlasting life. If the ecclesiastical leader won't be present, choose somebody else who would be happy to speak on those subjects.

Think of closing the service with a hymn. Til We Meet Again or Now The Day Is Over are two good choices for the closing song.