Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Want To Be Cremated? How Cremation Works And Tips On Finding A Crematorium

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Cremation costs much less than a funeral and can save you and/or your family a considerable amount of money. If you have chosen cremation you may want to know how it works. If so, below is information about this. You will also find information on finding a crematorium so you can choose this before you pass away. Cremation With cremation your body will not have to be embalmed, which can save money. Read More»

Why You Should Still Have A Funeral Even Though You Are Preparing For A Cremation

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You plan on getting cremated when you pass, which is your own personal choice and there is nothing wrong with that decision. Many people choose to be cremated to save money since in general there is no casket involved in the cremation process and sometimes it’s cheaper to prepare a body for cremation than it is to prepare a body for a traditional burial. While you don’t have to have an actual burial ceremony when you get cremated, you can still have an actual funeral service, which can be beneficial in a few ways. Read More»

Why Setting Up Your Own Memorial Service Benefits Your Family You Leave Behind

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While you may feel odd setting up your own memorial service, it is an excellent way to prepare for your own passing. When the time comes, your family is going to be upset and may not be in the state of mind needed to plan a traditional funeral. If you have specific songs you would like played or you know what passages you want read, this can all be set up ahead of time so that your family doesn’t have to do it. Read More»