Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Why You Should Still Have A Funeral Even Though You Are Preparing For A Cremation

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You plan on getting cremated when you pass, which is your own personal choice and there is nothing wrong with that decision. Many people choose to be cremated to save money since in general there is no casket involved in the cremation process and sometimes it's cheaper to prepare a body for cremation than it is to prepare a body for a traditional burial. While you don't have to have an actual burial ceremony when you get cremated, you can still have an actual funeral service, which can be beneficial in a few ways. Here are some reasons you should consider a traditional funeral service even if you are getting cremated when you pass on.

You give your loved ones something traditional

For many people, the funeral service is mainly for the survivors of the person who has passed, not the person who has passed away. The funeral services offer a sense of relief to the people who are left behind and gives them a way to gather support around one another and say official, respectable goodbyes. If this is something you are concerned about not having since you are choosing a more non-traditional way of being preserved — getting cremated over the traditional embalming process — you don't have to feel like you are leaving your family out of anything.

You can very much have a traditional funeral service for your loved ones that they can appreciate as part of the grief process and as a way to let everyone gather around to celebrate your life. You can have cremation funeral services done at a gravesite of a loved one who has already passed away, have this service held in a mortuary, or choose a church or other predetermined setting to have your cremation services in.

You get to be more involved in the final planning process

If all you have chosen to do is be cremated when you pass on and you've chosen an urn, you leave your family members wondering what they are supposed to do with your remains. You can alleviate the worry and confusion of dealing with your passing by choosing a funeral service in advance that your surviving loved ones can honor as part of your passing. Your funeral director will help you choose an urn and other services to help make your cremation complete. Your family members will appreciate you taking the time to finalize your cremation and funeral wishes in advance.

For more information about cremation funeral services, contact a local funeral home.