Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Should You Design Your Own Cemetery Monument?

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Some people find the idea of end-of-life planning to be unsettling or even frightening. Other people may have no such objections and would prefer not to leave anything to chance—and perhaps this accurately describes you. You might already have acquired a funeral plan or insurance to cover the costs, while also having a few ideas about the order of service for your funeral—not to mention the guest list. Perhaps you’ve even already chosen your gravesite. Read More»

Several Reasons Why People Choose Cremation

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When it comes to making the final decisions for a deceased loved one, it can be difficult sometimes to know what’s truly best. If you’re planning the final services for a loved one who passed away recently, you may be considering cremation instead of burial. While most people understand what cremation is, they don’t always have a full understanding of the benefits associated with this type of service. Here’s a look at some of the things that you should know about opting for cremation instead of burial for your loved one. Read More»

The Most Common Cemetery Property Options

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It’s difficult to face end-of-life decisions when it comes to burial and entombment for ourselves at some point down the road or for a loved one now. No one wants to think about something that feels like a trivial detail in the face of such a great loss. Unfortunately, these decisions are necessary, including choosing the right option for burial or entombment. Cemeteries typically have two options—in-ground and aboveground—and they can be broken down into a few categories. Read More»

Three Grief Relieving Ideas To Include In A Loved One's Funeral Memorial Service

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The passing of a relative or a friend usually brings the inability to let go and accept that the deceased is no longer part of this life. In most cases, when a loved one passes on, people tend to cling more to the absence of the deceased instead of appreciating the time they got to spend with them.  Thus, it is advisable to hold a funeral memorial service so that all the people who knew and loved the deceased person can come together and celebrate the life of their friend or relative. Read More»

3 Tips For Planning A Virtual Memorial Service

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Losing a loved one is already difficult, but it can feel even harder when it’s not possible to meet with family and friends in person for a memorial service. Luckily, there are now many options for online memorial services, and most funeral homes are able to facilitate this. A virtual memorial means you can invite everyone who cared about your loved one. Online memorials can also be more affordable. Here are three tips for planning a virtual memorial service: Read More»