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3 Tips For Planning A Virtual Memorial Service

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Losing a loved one is already difficult, but it can feel even harder when it's not possible to meet with family and friends in person for a memorial service. Luckily, there are now many options for online memorial services, and most funeral homes are able to facilitate this. A virtual memorial means you can invite everyone who cared about your loved one. Online memorials can also be more affordable. Here are three tips for planning a virtual memorial service:

Your Memorial Service Can Stream in Real-Time

An online memorial service can be as traditional or as informal as you'd like and can be streamed as it happens. This means you can still have a memorial at your local funeral home, but the guests will be watching it online as it happens.

If you are comfortable with it being recorded, you will also be given a link for friends and family to watch it whenever they choose. This reduces the pressure of finding a time when everyone can gather. It also means that those with demanding jobs, children at home, and other demands, can watch the memorial without stress.

Virtual Memorial Services are Collaborative

Having a memorial virtually makes it easier for people to attend, which means it's easier to make it a collaborative event. For example, your loved one's child may read their favorite poem, while a minister delivers a touching eulogy, and your loved one's friends share their favorite memories. Everyone can do this from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to take time off from work or travel.

Your Memorial Service Should Be Planned by Professionals

While most people these days have access to video chat services, a virtual memorial is a complicated event that requires professional guidance and planning from a funeral home. When planned by professionals, a virtual memorial will be seamless and stress-free.

The event can include different people reading passages or giving eulogies. It can also seamlessly incorporate slideshows or videos. The funeral planner will be in charge of the video chatting software and know when and how to move from one section of the memorial to another.

If a virtual memorial service sounds like a good option for you and your family, start with a consultation meeting or video call with your local funeral home. They will walk you through your options and pricing and can help you decide whether a virtual or in-person memorial makes the most sense for you.