Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Why Setting Up Your Own Memorial Service Benefits Your Family You Leave Behind

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While you may feel odd setting up your own memorial service, it is an excellent way to prepare for your own passing. When the time comes, your family is going to be upset and may not be in the state of mind needed to plan a traditional funeral. If you have specific songs you would like played or you know what passages you want read, this can all be set up ahead of time so that your family doesn't have to do it. Your memorial service can be what you want it to be, and your final wishes will be known. It is a lot of comfort to families left behind to know that they are carrying out the memorial service you planned.

Take the Stress Out of Your Memorial Service

Your family is already going to be stressed over the fact of losing you. When your memorial service is already planned, your family can focus on their own grief process. If necessary, they can take this time to plan a reception for after the memorial service if they wish, depending on the size of the service. 

You Get What You Want for Your Final Goodbye

When you plan your own memorial service, you'll get to plan what you want one last time. If you don't like a particular hymn, it won't be played. When you want a particular person to read at your service, you can ask that they do so. 

Choose the Music You Want Played

You can have a traditional funeral, or you can have a more modern memorial service. If you want particular songs to be played, you have the option of choosing the music. If you are going to have a funeral in a church, talk with your priest about your options when it comes to the music played. You may be surprised to hear about your options when it comes to planning your funeral.

Plan With Your Funeral Director

To plan your funeral, talk with a funeral director about setting up your final memorial. You can discuss every detail, down to the clothes you want to be buried in. If you want to be cremated, this should also be noted in your final plans.

When you take the time to plan your own funeral, the whole process will be easier on your family. They will have a plan in place and will know that they are giving you what you wanted when it is already planned out.