Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Want To Be Cremated? How Cremation Works And Tips On Finding A Crematorium

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Cremation costs much less than a funeral and can save you and/or your family a considerable amount of money. If you have chosen cremation you may want to know how it works. If so, below is information about this. You will also find information on finding a crematorium so you can choose this before you pass away.


With cremation your body will not have to be embalmed, which can save money. The funeral home will not have to do any type of makeup, dress you up in nice clothes, and much more. Instead, all articles of clothing will be removed in most cases, any internal components, such as a pace maker, will be removed, you will be placed in a special type of casket, generally made of wood, and then placed into a hot stove.

The oven, which is also called a cremation chamber, reaches temperatures high enough that your body will be reduced to ashes once it is placed in the chamber. The cremation chamber also is fitted with a ventilation system and air filtration. 

When you are burned to ashes, the employee removes the ashes from the oven. They then go through the ashes to remove bone fragments. This is because bone does not completely turn to ash. The employee will continue doing this until the only thing remaining is the ashes. The ashes are then bagged up in a tightly sealed bag. 

You will choose if you want an urn to place your ashes in. You should talk to your family members, as they will be the ones that deal with the ashes after you pass. You may want your ashes to go to certain family members, or you may want your ashes spread out over land or in the ocean. Your ashes can be spread on the ground and then a tree planted in the ground. Your ashes would mix in with the soil so the tree could be planted to honor your name.

Finding a Crematorium

Choose a funeral home that you would like to use. This funeral home may have a crematorium on the premises. This will make things much easier for you and your family members. If the funeral home does not have a crematorium on the premises, they can tell you of establishments that will cremate your body.

You can also do research on your own, such as online, to find cremation establishments. You should consider what it costs to have your body cremated also, as you will likely find a wide range of costs between the funeral home and the different establishments.

Understanding how cremation works can make you feel better about the entire process. Contact a crematory for more information.