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3 Ways Technology Can Help You Say Goodbye To A Loved One

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When it comes to planning memorial or funeral services, more people are turning to technology. The Internet has made it easier for friends and family to come together and mourn the loss of someone. If you are planning a service for a loved one, here are some ways you can incorporate technology into the services.  

Create a Memorial Website 

Many funeral homes are offering the ability to create a memorial website that gives friends and family a special way to offer tributes about a loved one. The websites can be customized to include any type of tribute the family wants, including poems, pictures, and stories.  

The memorial site can also link to social media accounts so that it can be shared and reach a wider audience. For instance, the memorial could be linked with Twitter or Facebook and shared from the profiles of others.  

The site also serves as a long-lasting tribute to your loved one. It can be updated at anytime and can be a way to stay connected to others throughout the grieving process.  

Make a Video Tribute 

Your loved one's friends and family likely have pictures and videos of him or her that they would like to share. However, making copies of the pictures and videos for everyone in the family can be a costly endeavor. There is also a concern that the treasured images might not be returned.  

You can ensure that everyone has access to the images by making a video tribute. Everyone who has images they want to include can email or provide the physical copy to you or the funeral home. The images can be compiled and used to create a DVD containing those memories. The video can even be uploaded and become part of the online memorial the family created.  

Broadcast the Service 

Despite a desire to be present for the funeral or memorial service, some friends and family will not be able to attend. Some funeral homes have recognized this and now offer online streaming of the service.  

People who are not in attendance can access a special website and view the service. The service can be password-protected to ensure that only friends and family have access to the site. Regardless of where someone lives, he or she can still mourn the loss of a loved one and share in the experience of the service.  

Talk to the funeral home director to learn of other ways technology can be used to say goodbye to a loved one.