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How To Honor Your Beloved Dog

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Are you and your family members going through a hard time because your beloved dog has died? Saying goodbye to somebody who has been a part of your family is difficult, for sure. Here are some ideas that might help you to go forward without your pet.

Start With Personal Time - Of course, you need your very own time to grieve, but it's good to spend one-on-one time with each of your children, too.

  • Sit with each child and simply talk about what he or she is feeling. Let your child know that it's fine to cry.
  • Ask your child to share with you his or her fondest memories of your dog. Sometimes they will be funny memories, and laughing together will be therapeutic.
  • Express to your child how much you appreciate the love and affection that he or she gave to your dog. Help your child realize that he or she was important to the dog's happiness.

Plan A Funeral - Saying goodbye to your pet in a formal way will help to bring closure.

  • Give each family member a roll in the funeral service. Let them choose whatever they would like to do during that time.
  • Consider having somebody give an opening prayer and a closing prayer. Pick some songs to sing together. You Have A Friend In Me Is a good consideration.
  • For the service itself, think about asking each person in your family to speak. Each one could share favorite memories of times spent with your pet.

Buy A Headstone - Whether you have your pet buried at a pet cemetery or on other property, having a headstone would be a lasting tribute. 

  • Consider buying a stone or granite headstone that will last for many years. Seeing it when you visit the graveside will bring back sweet memories.
  • One good choice would be a headstone with your pet's picture on it. Another good idea is to have a family picture that includes your dog as part of the design
  • Have family members help you to decide what to put on the inscription. It can be as simple as writing the dog's name and words like Trusted And Loyal Friend

Go to http://www.pemibakermemorials.com/ for more information about headstones.

Think about inviting family friends to your dog's funeral service. After all, they may have loved him, too. Also, consider ending the service by watching an inspiring dog movie. A Dog's Purpose or Milo and Otis are both good choices.