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Cremation For The Digital Age: Advantages Of USB Drive Urns

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In the digital age, traditions of the past are nothing like they used to be. This also applied to the world of cremation services. Traditionally, cremated remains of loved ones were placed in a urn or some type of special keepsake box. When this was the case, it allowed people to have a nice little memorial for their loved ones. As technology advanced, so did the ability to present cremated remains in a number of different ways. One of these options is a USB drive. USB drive urns feature an actual USB storage space along with a separate compartment for the ashes. There are multiple advantages to using these drives.

Storing Media Archives

The use of a USB urn can be used for much more than just holding cremated remains. The story of your loved one's life can be stored within the same drive. The storage space on this drive can be used to hold pictures, video, and audio files of your loved one. When carrying the pendant around, it's easy to plug it into multiple types of devices to see the files and reminiscence about your loved one. It's a great way to associate a lot of memories with the cremated remains and get use out of them.

Spreading Out Among Family Members

USB drive pendants can only store a small amount of ashes in the device. This allows you to spread the ashes among multiple family members. Everyone can get their own pendant with the same files and their own separate collection of ashes. This is ideal for a large family that wants to spread out the ashes to everyone. The pedant designs can feature animals, flowers, or even carved initials. Bulk orders can feature the same design so that everyone gets a similar product.

Stored Web Pages

For many people, their life is featured online through social media sites, blogs, and video content. Those web pages may not stay up forever, but they can be archived and saved to the USB drive. This allows you to save multiple web pages all on the same device and access them without an internet connection. For example, if a social media profile is taken offline, then you will still have access to it through the USB drives. It's a great way to archive their lives and look back on all of the posts that they put up online over the years.

Many funeral homes can help you with the process of ordering various cremation products like USB drive urns.