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Choosing Cremation: Hosting An Outdoor Memorial Service

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One of the benefits of choosing cremation for your loved one is that it provides you with the freedom to hold a memorial service where and when your family feels it is appropriate. One option that some families prefer is to host an outdoor service. If this option sounds right to you, there are some things you'll need to do to prepare the outdoor venue for a memorial service. Here are some steps to take as you plan an outdoor memorial for your loved one.

Select A Venue

Finding the right venue is the first step. You can hold a memorial service in a public park, in your backyard, or at a private outdoor facility. If you are choosing to hold the memorial anywhere other than on your own property, you may need to secure permission and pay a fee to reserve the location for your chosen date.

Rent A Tent And Chairs

Weather can be unpredictable, and even on the most beautiful od days, you may still want protection from the elements. Renting a pavilion-style tent can provide shelter from rain or harsh sunlight. Be sure that the tent you select is large enough to cover the seating area as well as any urn display and lectern you will use for the service. You'll also need to rent chairs for everyone to use during the service. They can typically be rented from the same vendor as the tent. Your funeral home director can probably help you secure the tent and chairs, and he or she can also arrange to have them set up for you ahead of time.

Choose An Urn Display

If you wish to have the urn present, you'll want to set up some type of urn display. Your funeral home director may have a pedestal that can be used for this purpose. You can also visit a home decor or home fashions store to find a pedestal that meets your particular taste preferences.

Print Programs

As with any type of funeral service, you may wish to have programs printed. These programs should list the order of events for the day, and they can also provide a brief biography of your loved one's life. Because you will be hosting the service outdoors, you may want to think about printing the program information on paper fans, which can also be used to provide relief from the heat.

Just because you aren't having the services in a funeral home doesn't mean that your funeral home director can't help with the planning. He or she can help secure the venue, any rental equipment you need, and provide support services during the memorial. For more information, contact a local funeral home like Maham Funeral Home