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Why You Need To Assess The Location Of Your Grave Plot Before Choosing Your Headstone

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When you're buying a headstone for yourself as a way to ensure that you're happy with the monument and to prevent your children from having to make this big decision after your passing, you may evaluate the cost and design of a few headstones before making your purchase.

Don't forget also to assess the location of your grave plot before you choose your headstone; if you haven't bought the plot yet, doing so first can often be a smart idea. You can then go to the site, perhaps with your immediate family members, to evaluate several criteria. Here's why you need to assess this important location first.

You Can Evaluate The Other Headstones 

No rule says your headstone needs to match those around it, but it's usually advantageous to give this idea some thought. If your plot is in the middle of a series of plots with small and subtle headstones, you may not want to have one that is enormous and flashy — especially if this choice isn't really in alignment with your personality type. Similarly, if your plot is in an area with a lot of large and vast monuments, you may feel better picking one that matches this style so that it fits in better.

You Can Consider Colors

You might immediately have an idea about what color you want your headstone to be, but upon assessing the location of your grave plot, you're apt to gain additional information that could compel you to change your mind. For example, if you visit your plot in the fall and are struck by the beauty of the colorful maple leaves around the area, you may decide to go with a burgundy headstone because of the way it matches the leaves, rather than the gray headstone that you might have been thinking about earlier.

You Can Pick Other Features

Sometimes, visiting the area and noting its beauty may compel you to go in a certain direction with your headstone purchase. For example, some people choose headstones that have built-in benches. This idea may not immediately jump out to you as necessary, but if you end up with a grave plot that is situated at the edge of a pond in the cemetery, you may favor the idea of adding a bench. This may be because you'll have the idea of your family members visiting your grave and sitting on the bench to watch the pond.