Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Primary Reasons For Why Cremation Services Might Appeal To You

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You may want to forgo a drawn out and expensive funeral. You realize the cost for these kinds of services can be far more than your budget can afford. You also may want to spare your family from having to endure them.

Instead, you might want a faster and more expedient way to handle your final arrangements. Your solution, then, could be to opt for the cremation services a reputable funeral home offers to its clientele.


If you do not have a lot of friends or family members, you may see no sense in planning out a large funeral. After all, few people might actually show up to it. You see no reason to pay for a funeral that will not be well attended.

Instead of planning out a traditional funeral, you can use cremation services to handle your final arrangements. You can arrange for the funeral home to have your remains cremated the same or next day after your death. You can then request your ashes be given to your next of kin or the executor of your estate to be interned or scattered according to your wishes.

This arrangement ensures you do not pay for services that people will not attend. You may appreciate the practicality cremation services can offer you.


Further, cremation services offer you versatility that traditional burial services lack. If you opt for a traditional burial, you are relegated to having your casket buried in a vault or mausoleum at a cemetery. You do not get much of a choice about how you are buried.

However, when you opt for cremation services, you get more versatility about your final arrangements. You can have your ashes buried in a cemetery if you prefer. However, you can also have your ashes scattered at a favorite location, such as in a park, the desert or mountains. You do not have to have the ashes buried. 


Finally, cremation services can typically be carried out in days. A traditional funeral can take a week or longer to arrange and hold. Cremation services can take place within hours after you die. You avoid leaving your family in proverbial limbo while they wait to say goodbye to you.

Cremation services can appeal to you for a variety of reasons. They spare you from having to pay for expensive funeral services that people may not attend. They also give you more choice in how to handle your cremains and can be carried out quicker than a traditional burial.