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What Goes Into A Monument?

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When choosing a monument for your final resting place or to mark your burial plot if you choose to be cremated instead, you have many options. Monuments can be made of a variety of materials and can be designed in many ways as well. A lot goes into a monument so you should know what you're getting into when you buy one.

What goes into a monument? Your funeral director who is helping you plan your funeral will help you, and you can use this guide as well. Know that any headstone or monument you choose for yourself or a loved one must abide by the cemetery rules and regulations that you choose to put the monument in so check these rules and guidelines thoroughly to make sure you don't inadvertently go against any rules when choosing your own style.


A headstone or monument comes in many different designs. A classic square or rectangular design can be among the most popular, but there are other designs as well. Shapes for monuments can impact design, and you may be able to choose from religious or spiritual designs or other more detailed offerings so long as your chosen cemetery allows them. You can choose a monument of cement, marble, or other hard and lasting material.


Monuments may be inscribed similar to a traditional headstone if there is room for words and you want to do so with yours. You can put the dates of your birth and death on a monument, have a special quote put on the monument, or do other things to make the monument special and specific to your needs and desires.

You can even have imagery put on your monument or headstone if allowed. A photograph can be placed in or copied into a monument or headstone to give it the most unique and custom appeal. The inscriptions you do are limited by the amount of space you have, so keep this in mind as you plan out the design and overall appeal of any monument you choose. For this reason, it may be best to choose a basic tall or wide monument that is not intricately designed so there is more room for words.

Look at several monuments already up in the cemetery you want to place one in to get a good idea of what's allowed and to get inspiration for design and other things. Pick a budget as well as your budget can determine what monuments will work for your needs.