Understanding The Funeral Prearrangement Process

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Family Vs. Funeral Home Staff — Tips For Assigning Funeral Service Roles

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When you’re overseeing the funeral service of a recently deceased loved one at the funeral home in advance of traveling to the cemetery for the burial, one of the duties that you’ll need to consider is delegating people for a variety of roles on the day of the service. There may be some family members and close friends who wish to contribute. Beyond the important roles of eulogist and pallbearers, there are a number of other jobs that people can perform. Read More»

Creative And Unusual Funerals And Caskets

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A funeral is a time to celebrate the life, loves, and pastimes of a special family member or friend. When planning a funeral, it is important to personalize all aspects of the funeral and burial service to emphasize a family member’s or friend’s personality and how they loved to spend their time. This is especially important for a creative and active person with a sense of humor. One way to personalize a person’s funeral is to have a custom casket created that reflects their personality, occupation, and pastimes. Read More»

3 Ways Technology Can Help You Say Goodbye To A Loved One

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When it comes to planning memorial or funeral services, more people are turning to technology. The Internet has made it easier for friends and family to come together and mourn the loss of someone. If you are planning a service for a loved one, here are some ways you can incorporate technology into the services.   Create a Memorial Website  Many funeral homes are offering the ability to create a memorial website that gives friends and family a special way to offer tributes about a loved one. Read More»

Cremation Viewings: What They Are Like For Surviving Family Members

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When a loved one has chosen cremation as the final burial option, surviving family members are often left wondering how the viewing of the body is supposed to go. They do not know how the service is done, or who can be present. This is probably all new and confusing for them. Before you pass away, be sure to explain this process in the following manner. The Body Is Placed on the Slab or in a Simple Box Read More»